Psychological Therapies

Psychological Therapies

Direct work with children, young people and families using a broad range of evidence based therapeutic interventions.

We are able to offer a broad range of services including generic and specialist psychiatric and psychological assessment, individual psychological therapies and family support.  The therapy provided is outcome based and responsive to our clients' needs.  We work in partnership with statutory agencies including the NHS, Social Care, local GPs and schools.

Delivered by qualified professionals with extensive experience and a successful track record of providing psychological assessment and treatment services to children, young people and families.

Cme in the Community accepts self referrals.

Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every individual client they work with. From the point of referral we will work in partnership with you to ensure that you receive a service tailored to meet your individual needs. 

We recognise children, families and organisations would benefit knowing more about us as an organisation and the services we offer.  With this in mind we offer the initial meeting/consultation free of charge, without obligation. 

We provide a comprehensive psychological assessment service.  Our individualised assessments focus on developing an enhanced understanding of the presenting difficulties that may be preventing a positive and productive life for an individual. Ultimately this aims to identify a supportive care pathway.  The psychological assessments undertaken are varied and bespoke, based on need.

Some examples include:

  • A skilled and effective multi-disciplinary team with significant experience in working with children and young people.
  • Provision of early intervention, prevention and promotion of psychological well being and mental health.
  • Supporting children and young people with mental health problems in the community.
  • Provision of a comprehensive range of targeted and specialist therapeutic interventions, including:
    • individual;
    • group;
    • family therapy.
  • Effective and regular communication.
  • Support in the development of needs-based assessment contributing to the formulation of need, statutory requirements and best practice guidance.
  • Attendance at planning meetings, CPA, Team Around the Child (TACs), LAC review, Multi-agency network meetings etc.
  • Effective and regular communication.

Cme in the Community will respond quickly and flexibly to meet your needs.