CAMHS Workforce

The following pages provide a quick step guide to products and tools to support the Strategic, Team and Individual development of a needs led workforce for children and young people.

workforce Design and Planning Resources

skill mix

Standards and Practice

Information and tools to support skill mix development centred upon the needs of children and young people.

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Education, Training and Development

Access to a range of tools, guidance, information and research to support the effective and efficient development of a flexible need led workforce.

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Education, training and development resources to support the whole of the children's workforce at both pre- and post-qualification levels. Includes links to e-learning resources.

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New Ways of Working and new roles

Information and tools to support the development and implementation of new, enhanced and extended roles and the redesigning of systems using New Ways of Working.

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Information and practice examples to support effective planning and development of the workforce.  Includes the web-based Comprehensive CAMHS Integrated Workforce Planning Tool.

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