Information and tools to support the development and implementation of new, enhanced and extended roles and the redesigning of systems using New Ways of Working.

Use the link above to take you to CAPA.This website aims to provide everything you need to know about Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA): the 11 components, the basics, how to implement, troubleshooting, service evaluation, and stories of services who have implemented this approach. CAPA is a clinical system used in many CAMHS teams in the UK and internationally. It is informed by demand and capacity theory (The 7 Helpful Habits of Effective CAMHS) and has links with Lean Thinking, New Ways of Working, Our Choices in Mental Health and You’re Welcome Standards. Evaluation has shown that users are seen quickly, feel listened to and involved and that waits and non attendances are reduced, while staff describe increased job satisfaction, higher morale and improved team working. The book, The Choice and Partnership Approach: a guide to CAPA is available from the website.

Publisher: CAMHS Network
Published Date: 01/12/2011

This is an independent evaluation of the Early Implementer Programme. Developing and sustaining a capable and flexible workforce: what can we learn from New Ways of Working in CAMHS?

Publisher: NCSS National Workforce Programme
Published Date: 19/10/2009

Mental health policy implementation guides for community development workers for black and minority ethnic communities. The handbook and supplementary guidance provide an update on the community development worker (CDW) interim milestones and answers those issues that need clarification in the light of experience in introducing and developing the CDW workforce. 

Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
Published Date: 07/12/2006

A report about the applied psychology workforce and descriptions of roles at different levels. 

Publisher: The British Psychological Society
Published Date: 14/10/2007

This guide sets out how health and social care organisations could take a strategic approach to the implementation of New Ways of Working.

Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
Published Date: 04/10/2007

For managers, employers and staff, this best practice guidance sets out the background, purpose, and development of the Competence Framework for Support, Time and Recovery (STR) workers employed across health and social care sectors of mental health. It brings together core tasks alongside the ten essential shared capabilities.

Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
Published Date: 15/07/2008

The STR handbook reports on the successful progress of the STR implementation programme and updates the original 2003 policy implementation guide.

Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
Published Date: 15/01/2008

This guidance aims to provide a framework for local health and social care systems to introduce Support, Time and Recovery workers into the mental health workforce. It is structured around a series of questions and answers responding to the points that have come up most frequently during consultations, workshops and discussions.

Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
Published Date: 15/02/2003

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